Let's Talk... Fine Lines and Wrinkles - BOTULINUM TOXIN TYPE A

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I think we can all agree life is stressful, even as we age, new things come at us sometimes like a ton of bricks. Let’s all roll our eyes and nod our head in agreement with that most common statement of all time. And the fine line and wrinkles? As if the stresses of everyday life aren’t enough, the effects of ageing shine bright right where people notice it the most, on your beautiful face.

It is thought that the primary aetiology causing those bothersome fine lines and wrinkles, particularly frown lines and the lines around the eyes - that we all dread - is excessive muscular contraction. Enter botulinum toxin type A – a purified substance derived from bacteria. It remains the leading nonsurgical cosmetic procedure worldwide and targets the physical effects of aging by temporarily reducing and preventing muscle contraction.

Fine lines and winkles can do a lot which we sometimes brush off as, “no big deal” – or tell our friends during wine o’clock that “I worked hard for these lines”. But, it has been shown that facial lines can negatively impact self-esteem, the perception of attractiveness, social interactions and body image. By helping us to achieve a younger looking face, this particular injectable decreases the physical, psychological and social effects of facial aging.